CSU-ERFSA 2021 Small Grants Awards Program

CSU-ERFA grants are available to CSU-ERFSA members to support research and creative projects that are in accordance with the following goals:

  • Scholarly research on issues important to the retiree as a continuing member of an academic discipline or community.
  • Research and scholarly projects that contribute to the quality of life of the retirees in the University system;
  • Research pertaining to the retirement concerns of faculty/staff/administrators within the California State University System; and
  • Research and creative projects that contribute to a given academic discipline.

CSU-ERFSA encourages CSU-ERFSA members involved in research and creative projects to apply for a grant. The small grant program is competitive, with past awards generally ranging from $100-$1,000, depending upon the number of proposals and the amount of money made available for grants by the CSU-ERFA Foundation. Preference is given to first time grant applicants when grant proposals are of equal merit. 

Applications should be sent electronically to the CSU-ERFSA office at csuerfsa@csun.edu no later than 2:00 p.m. PDT October 31, 2021. Awards will be announced in December 2021.