SSU Academic Senate Meeting of 3 February 2022

Chair Morimoto announced that Chair Chats will be held again this semester. However, to accommodate more faculty members’ teaching schedules, they will alternate between Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and be held every other week. The first one will be on Tuesday 8 February from 2 to 3 pm. The subject will be continuing discussion of what we want the SSU “brand” to be. We are a member of COPLAC, so maybe that should define our identity

By order of Health Dept authorities, SSU’s classes will be entirely virtual for the first three weeks of this term, contrary to intention. In-class instruction will begin on 12 February. Masks will still be required of everyone on campus.

The Administration has been considering how to manage Commencement this year. It did a survey of faculty and students, asking whether respondents would prefer a drive-by Commencement as last year or a more “traditional” Commencement in the GMC (although that “tradition” is only four years old.) The option of holding the Commencement on the lawn by the lakes – which would really be traditional – was not offered, even though it would significantly diminish the danger of spreading coronavirus vis-a-vis an indoor event.

Students overwhelmingly preferred the GMC option, by about 84% -- which was apparently a surprisingly high number to student leaders. The faculty were more divided, with only 52% preferring the GMC. The decision has been made to hold this year’s Commencement in the GMC.

There was comment about the “name-reading” issue. It is an issue because students object to their names being mis-pronounced at this ceremonially important event. Last year a firm specializing in reading names properly was brought in, and apparently their function was generally applauded. So it will be employed again this year.

Recruiting of the entering class for fall 2022 is going well. The University aspires to have 3,000 new students, and if the goal is attained there will be considerable financial benefit to the University. However, as always there is the question of how many applicants who are offered admission will actually accept. Faculty are asked to assist with getting more acceptances by contacting prospective students.

One thing the University has streamlined is getting decisions on applications for financial aid out with the admissions letters, so that students know how much aid they will get at the same time as they know they are admitted. It is anticipated this may improve the acceptance rate.

The University’s new Development Officer gave a brief presentation. He is pleased with the success of this year’s funding drive, since halfway through the year the University has already attained 75% of its target fund-raising goal.

It was announced that the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) between the CFA and the Chancellor has been ratified.

There was a question about the new “College Corps” program initiated by the State government, as to why Sonoma State was not one of the institutions included in the first-year program. The President acknowledged that due to a minor technical screw-up the University’s otherwise excellent application packet did not get considered.

On the Consent Calendar, from EPC: Early Childhood Studies BA and Education Minor

(https://sonoma.cur5. No objections to approval.

There were two Special Reports: (1) Career Center (Audra Verrier) and (2) Faculty Athletics

Representative (Martha Shott)

An Information Item was presented by FSAC Chair Richard Whitkus on the Education Experience Enhancement Award

Business items:

1. Department Name Change Procedure - Second Reading

2. From APARC: By-Law Change, Update to APARC Charge – Second Reading

3. From SAC: Revision to the Cheating and Plagiarism policy - Second

4. From FSAC: Revision to the Excellence in Teaching Award - First Reading

5. From EPC: Early Childhood Education Certificate Discontinuation - First Reading ( TC 4:00

6. Education with Concentration in Early Childhood MA Discontinuation- First Reading (

-- Submitted by Rick Luttmann