Executive Board


At the regular monthly meeting of the SSU-ERFSA Board today (June 22, 2022), two decisions were taken that the membership should know about:
1) Plans are in process for holding an Emeritus Luncheon early in the fall term. These Luncheons have been on hiatus since March 2020 due to the pandemic. We have five semesters of new emeriti to recognize. The Senate Analyst is retiring as of the beginning of September and has declined to assist with the usual task of arranging this Luncheon, but we expect that somehow the details will all get arranged. Further announcements will be forthcoming.
2) There has been little response to the Board's request for members to volunteer to serve in Officership positions or Board positions for the coming academic year. Based on volunteers, the Board has made the following appointments:
President -- Sally Hurtado (reappointed)
Vice President – Bob Karlsrud (new)
Treasurer – Rick Luttmann (reappointed)
Secretary -- Steven Winter (reappointed)
Academic Senate Representative – Steve Winter (new)
Membership/Recruitment – (vacant)
Communications Manager – Rick Luttmann (reappointed)
Webmaster – Bob Plantz (but looking for new}
Statewide ERFSA Legislative Liaison – Bob Girling (reappointed as Board member)
Other Continuing Board Members -- Philip Beard, Victor Garlin, Judith Hunt, Andrea Neves, Michael Pinkston
If any dues-paying member of ERFSA wishes to object to any of these appointments, please let us know immediately. On the other hand, if any dues-paying member of ERFSA wishes to volunteer for any position (filled or unfilled, including at-large Board member), please let us know.
WEBMASTER is really needed to replace Bob Plantz, who has expressed a desire to step down after serving for many years.