When you join CSU-ERFSA you automatically become a member of SSU-ERFSA. Please visit the CSU-ERFSA website to learn the many benefits of membership, including a Grants Award Program. Download and complete the CSU-ERFSA membership application or call the CSU-ERFSA office at (818) 718-7996 to request an application.

SSU-ERFSA sponsors local events, usually two each semester. Our next event will be in Fall 2015. Watch here for details as they become available..

In addition to its affiliation with CSU-ERFSA, SSU-ERFSA has its own Bylaws. Our activities are governed by our Executive Board. If you are an emeritus or retired faculty member from another CSU campus and live near Sonoma State, you are most welcome to join us.

SSU Staff are also invited to join ERFSA. SSU-ERFSA is one of several ERFSA programs that invites staff as well as faculty to the program to enjoy all of the member benefits.